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In the pursuit of sustainable development, knowledge is the cornerstone of progress. As leaders in real estate sustainability services, we understand that informed decisions lead to enduring change. That’s why we offer comprehensive sustainability training programs tailored for sustainable building certification.

Who can benefit:

Construction and Design Professionals | Building Owners and Managers

Facility Managers | Students and Educators

Real Estate Developers | Sustainability Enthusiasts

Kasu teile

In-depth Knowledge

Our training programs provide a deep understanding of sustainable building principles, covering key areas such as energy efficiency, water conservation, materials selection, indoor air quality, and more.

Practical Application

Beyond theory, we focus on practical applications, equipping participants with the skills needed to implement sustainable practices in real-world scenarios.

Certification guidance

Our training is designed to prepare individuals and teams for the certification process, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to navigate the requirements effectively.

Me varustame:

  • Sustainable building, sustainable construction fundamentals
  • Sustainable building certification – analysis and comparison
  • Sustainable materials and certification requirements
  • Interactive Hands-On Workshops: Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Custom trainings

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Alustamiseks valmis?

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